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Richmond Together is an educational solution designed to put all the digital resources available for teachers and students in one place.

Educational technology

Educational technology

Richmond Together empowers educational technology through an enriched digital environment: the Richmond Learning Platform, which allows the English language teaching and learning process to happen beyond the classroom. This tool enables students to access their learning content online, carry out practice and reinforcement activities to obtain immediate feedback, and participate in a constant evaluation process.

All these tools provide reliable and constant data to teachers, coordinators, and principals. This data can guide pedagogical decision-making to determine the students' progress against the proposed goals and their learning process of the English language.
Online Practice

Online Practice

Assign online practice specially designed for the Richmond series of your choice.

Get automated grading and reports in the Markbook.
Listening Together

Listening Together

English Attack's innovative pedagogy immerses students in a world of authentic English while interactive, entertaining exercises keep their motivation high every day.

For faster progress, exercises are available for every level of English.

Produced daily by English teachers, Video Booster® 7-step exercises let students practice their English with short video clips.

With over 1,000 lessons based on clips from movies, TV series, music videos, or TV news, there's always something new with which to practice English.

The comprehensive range of learning games allows students to achieve the repetition exposure level necessary for long-term memorization in a fun and motivating way.
Reading Together

Reading Together

myON offers students the possibility of having access to an extensive digital library to promote a taste for reading and develop receptive and productive skills.

The students read according to their interests, their level of reading comprehension in English, and develop projects assigned by the teachers.

Students' progress is determined based on the Lexile reading comprehension framework.
Online Assessment

Online Assessment

The systematic and constant evaluation allows knowing the students' progress for the goals proposed grade by grade by each educational institution. Therefore, Richmond Together enables schools to generate a follow-up process of a range of evaluations articulated and aligned with the CEFR. These evaluations are organized continuously from the beginning of the process through the Richmond Test Manager.

Scores are automatically loaded into the markbook. Reports are generated per student and for the class average.
Visual Reports

Visual Reports

Richmond Together has established different processes for interpreting and analyzing data, which aim to improve the learning processes in a given period.

Comparative reports are obtained through digital environments at the beginning and end of a year or several years. The objective is to identify the areas for improvement and the linguistic strengths of the students and the classroom through analytical reports.

Through the Richmond Learning Platform's learning analytics, the teacher can obtain data and results of the activities related to the performance by language ability of each student and the average of the class. The results are represented as a percentage and graphs.
Teacher Training

Teacher Training

In Richmond, we believe that Continuous Professional Development cements any robust academic curriculum. Thus, focusing on teacher development will always be of great benefit to students.

With Richmond Together, the school will have a specialized academic consultant who will accompany it throughout the school year to guide and support them in implementing the solution.

Tools and functionalities for teachers and students

Demo Class

Each level begins with a Welcome Unit that aims at recycling the contents from the previous level. In the case of Level 1, the Welcome Unit deals with classroom functional language.

Richmond Together, expert opinion

  • “Whether you or your loved one is encountering the natural decrease in mobility that occurs with the passing of time, or deals with an illness-related lack of physical agility, a stair lift can be the ideal way to put you in charge of your home again.”
    ELT Julio Mendoza Instituto Mexico, CDMX
  • ELT María Muñoz

    Instituto Aberdeen, CDMX
  • ELT Noelle Dawson

    Colegio Benedictino, CDMX
  • “I truly believe Augustine’s words are true and if you look at history you know it is true. There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize only a small percentage of their potential. We all know people who live this truth.”
    ELT Maura Luna Liceo "Consuelo Rubio de Ruiz”, Queretaro

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