Primary Methodology Handbook

Finally, a practical handbook for primary teachers that links ELT theory to real-life classroom situations! Richmond’s new Primary Methodology Handbook provides clear explanations of key concepts in a way that is accessible to new and experienced teachers alike. Comprehension and reflection activities engage and guide the reader, consolidating new information and facilitating its application in the classroom. The Handbook covers essential areas of study for English instruction in primary schools.

With Primary Methodology Handbook teachers will:

  • acquire ELT methodology
  • gain tips for integrating technology in the learning process
  • learn about the characteristics of primary learners
  • be provided suggestions for improving classroom management and student motivation
  • receive help with teaching mixed-ability groups
  • find a guide for lesson planning with textbooks, supplementary, and self-made materials
  • be provided with guidelines for test writing and assessment
  • learn about support strategies for special needs students
  • study how to teach common primary-level grammar and vocabulary
  • watch video tutorials that demonstrate teaching strategies from the Handbook
  • learn fun language games and activities for all primary levels

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