Pathway to Science

British English

Number of Levels: 6

Pathway to Science is a new CLIL course for primary with lots of fun hands-on activities to help learners develop competencies in science while developing their English language proficiency. Pathway to Science is the perfect complement for any general English course. It enables students to transfer their English skills to another content area while reinforcing their knowledge of science.

Key Features

• A Science Lab section every unit with a classroom experiment so students gain practical knowledge about what a scientist is and does

• A Scientific Research Skills Foldout so students become familiar with the scientific method from an early age

• Three evaluations per unit–initial, intermediate and final–plus regular Quiz Yourself sections

• Test Summary and Review Study Pages to prepare for the final unit test

• Stickers and Cutouts for a more interactive experience

• Illustrated Glossary of scientific terms

• Activity Cards with extra activities and experiments

• Teacher's Guide with annotated answer key, key language, science explanations and language extension activities

• Photocopiable Evaluations and Worksheets

• Student’s book Pack with activity cards.
• Teacher’s book with Evaluations book and Extension and Reinforcement Worksheets book.

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