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Pip’s Phonics

Pip’s Phonics is based on the synthetic phonics approach used in English-speaking countries to teach children the basic skills of reading and writing.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is a six-level course for primary school children, teaching basic Arts and Crafts through the medium of English.

Pathway to Science

Pathway to Science is a new CLIL course for primary with lots of fun hands-on activities to help learners develop competencies in science while developing their English language proficiency.

Science and Geaography

Science and Geography the ground-breaking 6-level series for primary school learners, is based on three main cornerstones: improving understanding, learning more culture, and acquiring habits and values for living within a community.

Reading Paths

Reading Paths is a supplementary reading series for primary school from intermediate to advanced levels, which can be used with any EFL course.

Spotlight on Literature

Spotlight on Literature New Edition is a literature-based program that consolidates English skills for teenage and young adult learners.

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