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  • Levels 2

Inovação is aimed at students who are learning Portuguese as a foreign language. The basic level provides strong foundations for those beginning their journey with perfectly graded and sequenced activities that take them to the next level. The brand new intermediate course boosts their skills and consolidates knowledge, enabling students to achieve a B2 level and
providing all the necessary tools to sit for an international exam.

The book meets the interest of all age ranges since topics are tackled from different perspectives ensuring that no matter how diverse your classes are, all students can feel involved and have a reason to interact. Inovação has a strong Communicative Approach and follows a Task-Based and Project-Based methodology through lots of cooperative learning dynamics.

Highly visual, attractive and engaging, this book offers many opportunities for the development of all four skills. Special Useful Phrases and Attention Boxes scaffold students’ development of oral skills and acquisition of grammar. It provides an in-depth grammar study section for all units and includes an integrated Activity Book where students can have some further practice.

In addition, there are revision and consolidation pages every three units, which also include a project and a test so that students have many possibilities to check their learning progress in multiple ways.

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