Students for Peace

British English

Number of Levels: 4

Level 1
Level 2

Sample Units:

Level 1

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Eduardo Amos

Students for Peace is a 4-level series for lower secondary classes. Peace Education is the underlying theme of the series, which seeks to promote tolerance, respect to diversity, empathy and cooperation in the school environment. Excellence in Course Innovation: Students for Peace was awarded the 2017 ELTons Innovation Awards by the British Council, the most important award of this kind in the industry.

Key Features

Careful choice of the themes in each course unit;

Activities to emphasize the acknowledgement and acceptance of other people's point of view, of cultural differences and perspectives;

Collaborative tasks which help learners develop critical thinking and group work


For Students
Student's Book
MULTIROM with interactive activities, digital objects and SB audios
Access to the Richmond Educational Portal, with supplementary resources
Access to the Students for Peace Social Platform
Interactive Digital Book
For Teachers
 Teacher's Book
 Multirom like the one in the SB
 Interactive Digital Book with tools and resources for projection and use on interactive whiteboards
 Access to the Richmond Educational Portal, with tests and other supplementary resources
 Access to the Students for Peace Social Platform

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