Wonder is designed for the curious young minds of the 21st century. Its methodology will provide a pleasant learning experience for both the children and teacher.

Young Achievers

Young Achievers will challenge and motivate your students. A blend of skills, a fast-paced grammar syllabus and phonics provides children with a strong foundation.


Skyrocket is a six-level series for elementary school learners. Each unit of Skyrocket is content-based, to encourage children to focus on the topic more than on the structures and vocabulary being presented.


Compass is a brand new 6-level elementary school language arts program specially written to be used in countries where English is not the official language.


Beep is a six-level course for elementary education. It is based on the guiding principle that all contexts and situations in which English is presented should be meaningful and relevant and draw upon the students’ own worlds.

Thumbs Up! Second Edition

Thumbs Up! SECOND EDITION is a six-level primary series that motivates children to learn English while developing other areas of knowledge.


Lighthouse is a six-level series that aims to help primary students navigate the occasionally rough seas of learning English.